Riding Diavolezza/Lagalb 03/04/13

When conditions, a cool gang and enough time are blended nicely together, a perfect cocktail of explosive fun out of the ordinary is assured..
..with Charly, Juan, Raffa, Malevo and Lucas we spent a great day shredding the faces of Diavolezza and Lagalb.
Hope you enjoy the pics.

From right to left Lucas, Juano, Malevo, Charly, Raffa

After a 50min hike, the gang arrived to the last couloir at Diavolezza's highest

Malevo droppin with and Indy

Malevo first descent

Malevo bs turn

Snowboarder  Malevo Meier

Prorider  Lucas Swieykowski

First Descent Lucas Swieykowski

Juan Carranza

Lucas Swieykowski checking secret lines at Lagalb

Lucas Swieykowski

Lucas Swieykowski/ Lagalb

Lucas Swieykowski

Juan Carranza/Lagalb

Juan Carranza

Juan Carranza

Charly Lamarca/Diavolezza

Charly Lamarca/Lagalb

Airtime Lucas Swieykowski

Malevo Meier exposed




Raffael Ghedda/Diavolezza

Raffael Ghedda behind a powturn/Diavolezza
Raffael Ghedda

From right to left Juano, Lucas, Charly, Raffa, Malevo

Towards the Bernina Pass

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