Chasing the Milkyway Galaxy .. night of the 25th september 2016

 Some days ago, when a clear night was forecast, i decided to go and try to make pictures of the Milky Way Galaxy right over the Sils Lake in the Engadin Valley my best results from that night.
I used a Canon 5D II and a Sigma 20mm f1.8.  with exposure of 20 seconds at 1.8 and 2.0. I also did a bit light painting on the tress on the second shot. Not super perfect but pretty happy with my first try. This sigma is super soft at this wide apertures, will try another lens next time.
Hope you like them anyway.

 till soon..

Mountainbike day photoshoot with Santiago Eilert, ..location "Bernina Pass", Engadin region 22.09.16

 Santiago Eilert is a bike fanatic, who comes from the motocross and enduro world. 
 He says mountain e-bikes (an electric powered boost engine mountain bike) are the future. He decided to call me to make some photos with it, using a SCOTT "E-GENIUS 710" model. He also uses "SCOTT EQUIPMENT" and "AIROH HELMETS".
 I took my Canon 7D II camera body and a new lens i purchased recently, the super telezoom 16-300mm from Tamron, which is light, compact and weather sealed to try it out. Its not the fastest lens out there but i needed something that could be easy to handle in long outdoors shooting days. 
 I decided to edit them in black and white, for personal aesthetic reasons only, with Lightroom 6. Hope you like them.
 Here.. the results.

From here on, Santiago was using his downhill bike, a Scott "Gambler".

..this last one was made with Nikkor's 10.5mm fisheye

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