last day of the season 2015.. at least for me! Super fun day at Corvatsch Park with pros and bros!!

unknown freeskier

Patrick Burgener

G-Weli T

G-Weli hand planting it!!

Burgener & Scherrer

Pat Burgener

Indynosebone by Nico Meier

Nico Meier 


Nicolas Huber

Bonsai 50/50 on boards.. tailslide arm drag through the bench!!!

Bonsai before taking me down..

Nicolas Huber

Nic Huber

Play Engadin Sunday 19th / Snowboard Halfpipe highlights..

Jan Scherrer for his ride at the Corvatsch Pipe at the Swiss Snowboard Championships

Pat Burgener 2nd run
Jan Scherrer 2nd run
Jan Scherrer domination at the half pipe

Stefan Maurer
Manuelle Music / Play Engadin.. at middle station Corvatsch
The Play Engadin Gang

From Norway to Play Engadin.. spring kickers are a  must!!!