Freeriding Zuoz

 Less known, uncrowded, and  with more snow than in St. Moritz this year, we decided to go and recognize the freeride possibilities in Zuoz. With my argentinian friends, Malevo, Nicolas  and Lucas we drove 25 minutes along the Engadine valley and had a full time adventure in this paradise wonderland.

   Lucas, enjoying the powder..

                      a forbidden area, which we realize after getting busted.
                               We apologized. We didn't understand the sign in german.

                               Malevo, checking it out!

    ..a nice treeline for Lucas                                    one of me too..

    must do!!!

    ..the argento team, hiking it! Extreme!!!

             Malevo, opening the run...

                            Lucas having his reward!

    Nicolas.. going for it!

We had an amazing day. Pity the sun was gone on the face to have real good shots.
And we have to thank The Chief, for letting us get away with our infraction for riding Val Buera.

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